About OLKi

:alembic: Self-hosted science: corpora, peer reviews, alerts, all in one simple gateway to the fediverse for a science that is more open to the public.

OLKi aims to bring scientific interactions to the fediverse, and be a platform of choice to host datasets and related assets necessary to reproduce and analyze all kind of scientific data, but also interact (comment, annotate, poll and more) with them. See the use cases.

The whole platform focuses on corpora (any set of files from single preprint pdfs to multi-GB datasets, usually but not limited to scientific output) and interactions around them.

OLKi is alpha software not ready for production yet, in the meantime read more about it in:

You can reach the community on this sub-forum regarding all questions, except technical ones that should be put on the issue tracker.

OLKi extends the ActivityStreams vocabulary to fit scientific uses cases. See its extension specification, SciFed.

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