About Redaktor.me

The multimedia CMS for the Fediverse –
redaktor will be a web content management system to setup
your social connected website in minutes.
On your own server.
redaktor helps you with telling your stories.

With all the possibilities of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard.
Its ethical bots work permanently in the background to find your interests in 3 million ActivityPub accounts.
You can safely add contacts from (or share to) many social networks (also your data SILOS).

This is the idea, folks.

redaktor would love some FLOSS help :

It is not ready. The (general purpose) server is about 60% ready and webcomponents are nice and they are about 40% ready. All the framework is pretty modular.

So : It is TypeScript and hell yes, Node.js …
But we trust only dependencies by persons or orgs we “know in person”, so it’s a littlebit more complicated.

However : I’d like to build a german Bürgerstiftung (“foundation”, statute ready), apply for grants (partly done) and give money back.

If that makes sense or if you’re able to contribute, please contact @sebastian