About Tavern

Tavern is an Activity Pub server written in Golang.


Project: https://gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern
Issues: https://gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern/-/issues
Milestones: https://gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern/-/milestones
Change Log: hhttps://gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern/-/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
Federation: https://gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern/-/blob/master/FEDERATION.md

FYI: even if you don’t like go-fed/activity/pub, it may be worth looking into the ActivityStreams side of things (go-fed/activity/streams and go-fed/activity/streams/vocab), as the current JSONStrings way tavern interprets properties on types in actors.go and elsewhere seems like it cannot handle certain forms of ActivityStreams data.

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Thanks @cjs. A very early and loose version used https://github.com/piprate/json-gold, but I through testing that a lot of messages weren’t working as expected. I’ll set some time aside to dig into it and see if go-fed is a good fit.