About the SocialHub Policy category

Members of the ActivityPub SocialHub community practice collective governance and co-construct shared policies to reflect common norms.

Each topic matches a given policy that is proposed, debated and eventually adopted or rejected.

Only @staff can start a policy topic. If you’re interested in proposing one, please open a new topic under #community.

Using the Policy Feature

The policy feature is available to @staff members and can be set with a special markup:

[policy group=staff reminder=daily]
We strive to be excellent to each other.

In the example above, the policy applies to members of the @staff group, who are reminded every day – nagged – to adopt it. In order to propose a policy for everyone, the trust_level_0 group can be used.

For more detailed information about this feature, you can see the discourse-policy topic on Meta.

And for good measure…

We strive to be excellent to each other.