ActivityPub and Solid?

Hi. I recently looked at the Solid protocol, and I was wondering how they could coexist. I’ve seen forum posts about it, but never saw a concrete solution. So for example, a pure-Solid Mastodon would be like this: all instances are just web gateways and not servers, your username is your WebID instead of @name@instance. When you follow someone, you’re adding that person to a list of following in the Pod, and you also maintain a list of followers in your pod, as well as a list of posts. There would be only one feed, which is the feed of all the public posts in your Pod and all the Pods of your followers. This is fundamentally incompatible with ActivityPub today since a) identifiers would be WebIDs b) it wouldn’t exactly provide any extra functionality if integrated with the Fediverse.
So, does anyone have a rough idea of how Solid and ActivityPub would work together? Could you give an example with Mastodon in the comments? Thanks.

Hey carian,
thank you for joining here and asking!

I can’t give an example with mastodon, you should ask the mastodon people then.
But many people tried several times. The same about ActivityPub Conformance and the Client2Server portion of ActivityPub for mastodon.

I point to this instead

What Jejune Is, Why Jejune Matters
by @kaniini

and this

And as more people encourage
@rubenverborgh and @aveltens to have at least a 1hour meeting with ActivityPub people as better.
I would join anytime cause it is a matter of priorities. Anytime, even in the middle of the night.

Hi Carian,

We’ve tried to keep up with these questions @SOLID for quite a while now, but the sudden, significant and both unexpected as unannounced changes to the SOLID platform have told us that it may be still a too early stage to safely invest vast amounts of development time on a specific API of theirs as it may quite well be gone tomorrow.

This IMHO just needs some time until methods for handling authentication and authorization / file access have become stable enough and, well, SOLID. :wink: (like e.g. using OpenID Connect)

With their first public (and commercial) products available now, these unforeseeable changes may come to rest quite so.

At our company, we just returned to watching and observing these points.

— Bardo