ActivityPub Client in Racket?

Here there, this is my very first post here. I’m loving the #activitypub topic. It’s right down my alley along with trying to implement things from scratch! :smiley:

I’m wondering if anyone has made a super basic ActivityPub client in Racket before?

It would be super fun to look through the code.

I’m thinking I’m going to try to make a simple command line poster for Mastodon after I learn about how APIs and HTTP requests work, and then eventually something that reads the latest posts of a user or something :grinning:.

It is important to understand that the Mastodon API is not the same thing as the ActivityPub Client to Server API. I only bring this up because you mention Mastodon.

Ohhh! I didn’t know this! Thanks for letting me know.

As a beginner programmer wanting to try to interact with Mastodon using my own creation, do you think I should just try to following the Mastodon API then? or have a go at ActivityPub Client to Server API?

Mastodon does not implement the Client to Server API.

As far as I know Pleroma and Kroeg are the only projects with an implementation of the Client to Server API available. And of course, the Client to Server API has some missing pieces still.

Alright, thank you so much for this information and your patience. I apologize for my ignorance haha