ActivityPub Client-to-Server experiments

In the AP C2S session we talked about the chicken-and-egg issue of having no clients for C2S because there are no servers and vice versa. During the hackathon we could try to write a C2S client and modify our C2S server parts in tandem to make it work, adding features that are missing at the moment.

One idea was to port an existing client (like pleroma-fe or similar) to the C2S API. This might be a bit too much.

We could also implement a basic chat client for Pleroma’s new ChatMessages that does nothing but handle chats, which could also give friendica the opportunity to get started with this feature.

If you’re interested in this, please post a comment.


I’m unsure if I can attend. But that chat client sounds nice. But also the C2S client sounds great as well.

well, that chat client would use C2S :slight_smile:

I would be interested, and might be able to make it, depending on scheduling. What time are we thinking?

Not really sure about times. I think this is less of a traditional ‘let’s all work nonstop for a certain time together’ hackathon but more about a coordinated effort to get something tangible done by the end of the week. We can discuss the steps here, on IRC (#apconf on freenode) or on the big blue button thing

Btw I tagged the issues and merge requests related to AP C2S in pleroma’s gitlab:

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