ActivityPub Conference 2020 - CFP until July 8th

robin Yay
The Call For Proposals and Conference Registration awaits you here


Thanks to all the people who registered yet ⬡
While it gets full there: A few people did not confirm the eMail yet.
If you do not plan to send a proposal please confirm it (check your spam folders).

Registration for apconf2020 (free)

Is there a way to add a talk/bof proposal after already having

Sebastian Lasse | via SocialHub writes:

Yes, the BoF proposals will stay open anyway,
the talk proposals will close tomorrow (officially).

So, if you need more time just write 1 line to Morgan,
mailaddress below the form
This is also the address for direct proposals.

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I registered a BoF. Is it valuable to register a contextual talk or is it better to have a topic here to refer to? IMO a topic would be sufficient since it would entail less work for everyone, and reading is faster than listening to a talk ; also it can facilitate preparation of a BoF.

For about a week now I get connection timeout trying to access
(from The Netherlands). This both from mobile and from PC (using firefox in both cases) I just discovered, so reporting here.


I contacted the webhoster.