ActivityPub Moderator Needs Assessment

Greetings! IFTAS is about to begin working on a number of tools and resources for #TrustAndSafety in federated social media, and your input can help guide the funding to the right places

All questions are optional, but the more we know the more we can get to work on what’s needed.

Survey: CryptPad

Learn more here: IFTAS – Federated Trust and Safety – IFTAS

This is an update of our previous survey, results of which are available at:


Sounds great! Is there a fediverse post about this that we could help boost?

I found this:

Thanks for offering!

Official announcement here: IFTAS: "IFTAS Issues New Moderator Trust and Safety Need…" - IFTAS

and a follow-up here: Jaz-Michael King: "@iftas #Mastoadmins a…" - IFTAS

45 responses thus far, would love to get nearer 100.

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The Needs Assessment Report is now available at: CryptPad

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