ActivityPub support for Elgg

Looks like an application that might benefit from federation support. Shooting shuch projects an AAI (ActivityPub Awareness Issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), and giving them an update now and then when you encounter them is always good. Then leave it to project to weigh the merits. @evan created an issue for Elgg in 2017, they joined fediverse in 2020 and they just announced intention to adding AP support.


Where is there more information about Elgg adding Activity Pub support?

I think they do not have it yet. With ‘joined fediverse’ above I meant ‘created a mastodon account’.

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Nikolai Shcherbin wanted to implement it, but there is no public code that I know of yet, and no related topic of Elgg community. Maybe ask him directly? Also @dansup proposed to help, so he may have fresher info.

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