ActivityPub Test Suite | Sovereign Tech Fund

@codenamedmitri received €152,000.00 in funding from the ActivityPub Test Suite | Sovereign Tech Fund.

Although I should be very happy about it, I’m not. Am I the only one to discover it now with a toot, or did I not follow the current discussion?

Not exactly-- Dmitri is one of three people (bengo and I being the other two) working on a services contract to support our work, which we would not have bandwidth to prioritize otherwise. The contract period is one year starting last October, and covers a lot of deliverables and workpackages, many of which Dmitri doesn’t contribute to substantially.

I apologize for that, I would not want it to seem like there was any covertness or deliberate opacity about the publicity for this contract. We initially had a Q3 start date but it got pushed back due to administrative reasons, and by the time we actually started work our timelines were compressed and we decided to punt communications around the contract until the first milestone had been accomplished. To wit, here is a somewhat verbose report of what we accomplished so far, which is essentially 1/3 of the work covered by that lumpsum:

And if all of that isn’t documentation enough, see here as well a more personal essay about the constellation of STF, SocialWeb Coop, LearningProof (my EU entity, which previously worked on two NGI projects!), and us as individuals committed to the values and mission of the social web:


Congratulations @codenamedmitri , @bengo , @bumblefudge !!! :partying_face:

I’ve started tracking todos for in its milestones.

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