ActivityStreams protocol spec question

I am confused about something in the activity streams specification
in the Activity Vocabulary doc a Collection.Current can be a PagedCollection or a Link
Activity Vocabulary (

However their example 75 (at link above) current has the “summary” element which is not avalable to something of type “Link” (see below). Am I misunderstanding that current is not an Object or Link but Object AND Link? What do other implementations do with summary in this case?

     "current": {
        "type": "Link",
        "summary": "Most Recent Items",
        "href": ""

This is already mentioned in an issue on the tracker, but it is never addressed. I think you can best assume it is erronous, and belongs to Object.

Update: Changes are staged

Didn’t know about the github issue tracker for activitystreams. Thank you!!


In general I think, the W3C Social CG will take it up when tackling ActivityStreams Vocabulary 3.0 …

Then the examples can be corrected.
There are some minor bugs which should be investigated too, recently I found out the property “closed” in the ActivityPub Vocabulary is not marked as Functional …

So, in theory it could be [true, false] or [false, true] which doese not make sense :slight_smile:

So, I asked Dr. rhiaro about the future and the answer was
“So we’d be looking at AS3. In any case yes, this is something the SocialCG is well positioned to iterate on and making sure we’re set up to do that in a sensible way has been on my list for ages. Might take some time of day job later this month to make space to think about it properly.”