ActivityStreams specification OWL and turtle documents

I found this one: (not easy to find, ask me why!)

But i miss the turtle file for ActivityStreams 2.0 Terms

Any idea ?

ActivityPub is strictly built on JSON-LD. It is not valid to send Turtle or any other RDF serialization other than JSON-LD to an ActivityPub endpoint. Accordingly, ActivityPub vocabularies are only provided in JSON-LD format.

Ultimately, the OWL files were just something provided on a best-effort basis by one of the previous group members, and they’re not well-maintained. The specifications in question are still the normative reference for these properties.

ok, so i’ve to eat that: :wink:
However, at the end there are triples. Even that is hided.

Currently the specification appears to provide 0 machine-readable definitions that I can see. Providing an OWL would be a fantastic accelerant to anyone trying to get going with ActivityPub.

We should make this easy to work with. Right now it’s just a bunch of works on a page. This is un-ideal in extreme. Arguing that OWL files were often unmaintained is uninteresting to me. We can and should do better, and not argue on the side of worse is better.

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