Additions to ActivityPub vocabulary?

I’m curious what the approaches to extending the ActivityPub vocabulary are ( Activity Vocabulary).

I’m also curious about extending the syntax of composing documents.

For example:

  • Groups: @@group, @@group@server - like roles in discord or subreddits, but cross-server memberships.
  • Tags/Topics/Categories: ##Topic@server - wiki categories/links, a way to be specific about what you mean when you tag something

I’m biased because both would be handy for distributed wikis and for memberships.

Does that mean that a “group” would extend the same mechanic as a user, or be a completely new mechanic?

Should a topic lookup be more similar to looking up a hashtag, or because it’d need the @@group/@server lookup logic, is it more like a group (if a group maintains the wiki page)

e.g. - ##SomeTopic@@maintainers@homeserver - where hashtags don’t have group maintainership, and individual person’s posts remain with them, where the posts of a group stay with them.

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I wrote a proposal to formalize a process to extend the vocabulary based on FEPs: fep/ at main - fep -

Proposal is still under discussion for some of the technical details, but I expect it to be formalized at one point. I also want to spend some time to see if I can write tests for the context.

Generally, it’s easy to extend the json-ld @context and thus the vocabulary. One can simply add terms. Mastodon does this by just inserting a big dictionary into the @context.

I unfortunately do not understand what you mean, or your examples following it. Maybe you mean something else than I do with a document. I would mean some type of json-ld object having an id. What do you mean?

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You mean inline syntax, right? Just wanted to mention the Agora bot here. You follow it, and then it parses your toots for hashtags, but also wiki-like markup such as [[some term]], which it transfers to a shared knowledgebase.