Agenda Prep for May WG meeting

To refresh your memory, you can read the minutes of last week's meeting.

Please see's note below regarding agenda preparation for the May WG meeting

Follow up

  1. The Social Web Community Group approved our application to turn this into a Task Force.
  2. Async work will happen across any federated platform followed by either (or both) of these categories

Next Meeting
We're going to have our next meeting in the first week of May.

Please vote in our meeting poll. Whatever time we decide for this one, we'll aim to keep as our regular monthly slot.

Please see this google doc. Everyone has comment permission. Julian will incorporate comments into the agenda.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

My apologies for the delay. Angus and I have been working these past few weeks to hammer out some federation issues between our respective forum categories (the ones mentioned above re: async work.)

2 Likes You proposed an agenda item titled "What is up with Groups in Mastodon?"? Love it! Can you provide a bit of context behind that, and whether you're asking the question or looking to provide an answer?

@julian Sure, yeah.

It's not really a question or an answer, just a space for sharing experiences and knowledge.

Groups in Mastodon and how/whether they work is pretty important to me as PieFed uses the Group actor type also.

@julian @rimu i think that was rimu actually, although i can probably give a summary