[Ann] #Seppo, microblog server (in OCaml)

Just recently, I received a grant to develop from scratch the single-person, self-hosted microblogging engine NLnet; #Seppo! being part of the fediverse but also offering a lean (atom) approach as well (inspired by https://mro.name/ShaarliGo).

I have some guiding principles in mind related to permacomputing, such as a static binary CGI, static page generation (for visitors who read), (mostly) immutable plain text data, 1-file copy install & upgrade, optional javascript, and various & small platforms (starting with like a Raspberry Pi Zero).

What else do you think should be considered?

How do you recommend to test federation?

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Congratulations mro on your grant!

I guess you’ll be pretty busy just getting the basics going. Nice job on your repo: https://codeberg.org/seppo/seppo#seppo

For me the best thing after basics is to get users and just keep solving their problems. Trading design and roadmaps for a steady stream of solutions to valuable problems is core to my favorite project management paradigm.

For testing, this was a neat idea but it fizzled out. I’d be interested to help resurrect it or to know of a replacement. I think many projects just setup other servers and do it manually or rely on bug reports.

Good luck!

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Learned of another test suite which is up for grabs:

and there’s also go-fed’s

GitHub - go-fed/testsuite: Unofficial ActivityPub test suite server, which runs machine-assisted test cases against federated software.)

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the latter has an expired cert as usual, but is maybe hostable without containers, dbs and stuff.