[Announcement] The first rdf-pub release "Pre-Alpha 2022 I" is available

See: linkedopenactors / rdf-pub · GitLab

I rely a lot on your feedback, so please check it out, test it, play with it. Ask me anything that comes to your mind so I can improve the documentation and create a FAQ.

rdf-pub is an activity-pub server implementation, that is not limited to the activity-stream vocabulary, but supports RDF per se.

There is currently a problem with the documentation of different branches. current doc is (for the moment) here: actvity-pub server implementation

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the doc problem is even bigger ,-(
Please use this link in the meanwhile:

The test system is up and running !


  1. How to register a user for the test system
  2. After we created a user we can play with the rdf-pub test system.
    First steps. Using the rdf-pub test system with postman.