Announcing Ibis, the federated Wikipedia Alternative

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And a short summary how the federation works:

Main objects in terms of federation are the Instance and Article. Each article belongs to a single origin instance, the one where it was originally created. Articles have a collection of Edits a custom ActivityPub type containing a diff. The text of any article can be built by starting from empty string and applying all associated edits in order. Instances can synchronize their articles with each other, and follow each other to receive updates about articles. Edits are done with diffs which are generated on the backend, and allow for conflict resolution similar to git. Editing also works over federation. In this case an activity Update/Edit is sent to the origin instance. If the diff applies cleanly, the origin instance sends the new text in an Update/Article activity to its followers. In case there is a conflict, a Reject activity is sent back, the editor needs to resolve and resubmit the edit.


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@nutomic How links between Article objects are represented in Ibis?

Knowledge base is one of the use cases envisioned for FEP-e232. By implementing FEP-e232 you can make navigation between pages smoother for people who use other applications implementing this proposal.

For now it uses a special markdown syntax [[]]. I will open an issue with that FEP for when I start working on federation with other projects.


Thank you @nutomic for starting this Wikipedia fork. It comes as a way to dismantle the so-called neutral encyclopedic view and is timely with the French Wikipedia scandal about deadnames, and other recurring problems with Wikipedia. Common knowledge does not mean a unique vision – especially a dominant one, this may have been useful in the XVIIIth C. when fighting the old regime, but now, we live in a multi-polar world, and enables multiple views.

Instead of individual, centralized websites there will be an interconnected network of encyclopedias. This means the same topic can be treated in completely different ways. For example may be completely different different from There can be Ibis instances strictly focused on a particular topic with a high quality standard, and others covering many areas in layman’s terms.


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so, wait, articles are considered accounts?