Any tools and tutorials on rails and activitypub?

I recently discovered, activitypub and the concept of “federated” networks. One of my friends invited me to the network mastodon.
I realized mastodon itself is written in ruby. I’m curious, is there anyway to make our rails apps federated? I did a bit of search but I found some of those projects are discontinued. And if yes, is there any tutorials?

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there is this from last year that should be a good starting point

I read this, but I actually understood less by reading more :smiley:

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I’ve found this document VERY helpful in planning my ruby code:

I’ve been looking into Ruby and ActivityPub, especially the Mastodon code: it should be doable to extract some of it to the Ruby gem dedicated to AP support, but AFAIK the current code is highly dependent on Mastodon modeling and code base.

Actually there are a number of ongoing Ruby projects to support ActivityPub besides Mastodon:

mxb made a gem for Prismo:

There’s also a dead project to support AP from Rack (which sounds like a good idea).

@RubyGoddess did you find more material since your post?