Anyone keen on a fediverse conference in 2023/24

OK, I’m keen to have a go at a series of 3 monthly meetups, maybe starting in about a month? What we’ll need is;

  • 3-4 people willing to give a short presentation, and answer some questions from attendees. I’d like to have a balance of technical, UX, and organisational presentations.

  • an MC. I like the suggestion of trying to get well known tech activists and commentators to guest MC. But I’m willing to do it, if nobody else wants to do.

  • a conference server, running software that allows us to limit speaking to the MC and presenters, and screenshare a slideshow. I’m thinking BBB but open to other suggestions. I can’t speak for NZOSS, but it might be possible to use our BBB server.

Still willing to help with this ? @arinbasu1 @arinbasu @tallship @hamishcampbell @indieterminacy

Anyone else?