Anyone keen on a fediverse conference in 2023/24

Another possibility for timing is about April next year. By that time the novelty will have worn off for all the newbies who have turned up over the past 6 months. We’d have heaps of time to gather feedback from them on pain points, and reach out to fedi devs, old and new. The momentum built up at the event could feed into dev efforts for the year, instead of dribbling away during the holiday season.

It’s not exactly striking while the iron is hot though. Thoughts?

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I have posted a poll in the 'verse asking whether folks would be more likely to attend an event later this year, or early next year. It will be open for a week. Please boost so we can get more feedback on this. It also helps to gauge the general level of enthusiasm in the community for having an event.

This kinda event is needed so that we can get a wide spread of voices to build consensuses on what is the Fediverse and how it is “native” to the #openweb

This is both a technical and a social movement - one thing is obvious we do have a culture to share, what this culture is comes from meany places.

Understanding the overlaps would be helpful, #FOSS development (#4opens) is likely a good first step on this path.

Then we have meany subcultures that are a part of the space, it’s a mine feald to hard categorize these, so broad overlaps is a good outcome - then wide diversity in a good second step.

Then working code is king, this needs a better aproch than we currently have, think almost everyone agrees, but we have not found a clear path.

A yearly event is needed.

Well the poll ended. We only got 59 votes, so we’ve got our work cut out for us if we want to get broad participation. There was support for both options but the majority leans towards having an event later this year.

Let’s set a date!

We need at least 3 months for organising and outreach. I’m definitely keen to have it done and dusted before the end of October. So attendees have time to action some of the ideas and inspiration that comes out of the event, before the end-of-year crunch kicks in. So that means sometime in Sept/ Oct, and more organising time never hurts, so I’m leaning towards October.

Are there any other big events planned for October we’d want to avoid a date clash with?

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As much as I support people voting, October is a busy conference month. has a list of events. Some larger ones that might overlap with this community: EuroRust Oct 12–13, Web Directions Oct 26–27. There seems to be a less busy gap in week 44 (Oct 30–31, Nov 1–4) so maybe that is a good option.

Welcome to SocialHub!

Just to clarify, the vote was for later this year, over doing it next year. October was my suggestion, for the reasons given.

Thanks so much for the info. If we can sneak in at the end of Oct/ start of Nov, there might be opportunities to do outreach at some of these Oct events, esp. Web Directions.

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Guix Europe is interested in doing a physical event later in October/November.

Its speculative but I can help coordinate should there be a Fediverse event physically and you want to pool an approach.

Their 10th Anniversary was in Paris last year:

They do x2-3 days prior to Fosdem each year