AP Mashup? How would you like disparate AP services to intermingle?

Activity Pub passes objects. It’s up to the servers and clients to determine what to do with the objects.

How would you like microblogging services such as Mastodon and Pleroma interact with image sharing services like PixelFed?

How and where do you want image content, podcasts, videos? How can we integrate AP into other Free Software projects?


(Who is the organizer for this BOF session? I’m assuming they don’t have an account on this forum, but no other information is given to identify them. Is it possible to add some extra information to this post to identify the organizer?)

FLOX Advocate

@Sebastian can you please invite Der.hans?

Did that quite a while ago.

I guess the topic of this BoF is what @rhiaro mentioned in The ActivityPub Panel and I described elsewhere: