Appealing to Users With Examples in Software Demos

What is it with the war plane on your example? :frog:

The purpose of this topic is to engage ActivityPub developers into thinking about how their language (textual or visual) affects their users. The objective is to inspire the community to develop best practice taking care of users with carefully chosen examples in demos and great documentation, and to come up with recommendations in this direction, so that our software can be inviting to people we want to serve.


Certainly better than using Lena Forsén!

Though I think Carole Hersee might be even better:
Carole Hersee

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No it's not :P

It’s an SR71 Blackbird, a stealth bomber.

What I mean is that you might want to choose your examples more carefully: promoting images of power, violence or war is not really a sensitive thing to do when you have so many other choices, like
 :heart_eyes_cat: or :unicorn: Hmmm, nevermind.


The X-15 was used for testing aerodynamics for jets and space travel. Just like Elon Musk’s rockets, they look scary don’t they? haha. To be honest though, your remark didn’t even remotely deserve a reply.

I’m sorry to break it to you but I still see an SR-71, and the X-15 or Elon Musk’s rockets would still show a white male power trip. And I believe your remark deserves a response: this topic. :slight_smile: Can you see why?

@aschrijver recently mentioned Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language, an Internet Draft proposed by Mallory Knodel and Niels ten Oever, which I highly recommend you to read.


I appreciate the attempt to discuss where unintentional or unnecessary examples that may cause discomfort in our communities may exist, and thus how to identify them
 that is important. But let’s assume good faith and try to communicate positively to learn from each other and improve our community.


I never discuss politics in a technical forum, and the above topic is way far deep into the realm of political correctness.

Well, by mentioning the politically loaded phrase “political correctness” that’s already discussing politics :wink:

But anyway, I think the points have been made: the images weren’t intended as aggressive, though maybe it’s good to know they could be interpreted that way to help guide future conversations.

Now let’s stay cool and move on.

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One thing relevant to ActivityPub however is the fact that part if it’s purpose is to enable competitors to BigTech Social Media Monopolies to exist, and have a chance of gaining some traction (network effect).

One of the main reasons I developed (and why Mastodon and other alternatives are growing) was to fight against the censorship that these platforms are imposing on everyone who has political views that aren’t in alignment with the Silicon Valley culture, and of which the above conversation is absolutely perfect example of.

We’re literally at a place now in society where things like American jets and American flags are taken as offensive, by an insane segment of our society, and I’m one of the people who will push back against that insanity actually.

Even mentioning censorship gets you censored. Love it.

Hi @WClayFerguson,

Your post has not been censored, but the Discourse software automatically hides posts whenever they are flagged. Until the flag is resolved. We unflagged your post.

You are correct in the Fediverse’s stance against Big Tech. The most important aspect of the global Fediverse is that it is for everyone, and it is about freedom. This includes the freedom to spin up instances where there is no censorship at all. Places where everything goes. But the same freedom applies to instances that set moderation rules for participation. People accept them when they join. They may include fending off sexual explicit material, or displaying of violence and gore. Or they can restrict to specific topics.

You could call that censorship, but it really is not. It is a mutual agreement by those that join the instance. Just like on TV there is an agreement to not show an adult move at 6pm, right after the children’s cartoons.

As for society
 it saddens me how we go against each other. There’s probably Big Tech influence at play here too, reinforcing negative emotions on both sides (see e.g. The Social Dilemma). But for this forum this is irrelevant. Here we talk about evolving the technology to create something of beauty.

I am not American but hope you all will be able to find more bipartisan ground, and harmony together. But further discussion about this topic should be reserved for better places on the web. Not here. Let’s just say that the Fediverse is for all cultures. And if we can manage that, we can take that into account.


Thanks, @aschrijver I agree 100% with everything you said. I always try to avoid politics in any professional setting.

On my demo videos for platform I have jets, motorcycles, antique pistols, and even a snippet of the US Constitution, and frankly when someone had suggested that material was “problematic” I should have just ignored/blocked them, but I literally thought he was joking at first, rather than actually being bothered by a wiki about jets.

Problem solved. I hope you enjoy all the conference talks and forum information.

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Actually everything was fine until i realized @how is an admin on this site. I’ll be closing my account and will never be back on a site with a lunitic like him in authority.