Archiving previous issues

Recently has begun to show an SSL error. We’ve shifted all activity to Codeberg so this is less of an issue than it has been, but today I noticed that our README is linking to issues on that domain. I checked to see if the issues had been archived and found that they weren’t.

So what I need as a sort of last act with the previous repo before it’s shut down, is for the SSL error to be fixed and then requests put in at and maybe one other archiver to save the relevant issues.

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Maybe @cjs can give the certificate another spin? I don’t the preferred way to indicate the migration to Codeberg. Maybe @cjs can ‘archive’ the repo and put a link to the new location in the README? Also @cjs - I don’t know if I asked before - but do you want to be added to the Codeberg FEP-editors team?

The site was working for me today and I had the issues saved by So this is resolved.


Not entirely. Since you have an account could you PR an update to the README with the new location on Codeberg and file an issue to mark the repo as Archived?

Updated the README and archived the repo.

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