Are email notifications disabled?

I’m watching a few threads but I’m not getting email notifications of replies. On other discourse forums I get emails whenever a thread I’m watching has new comments. I’ve double checked and verified that the email address on my account is correct. Can one of the admins take a look at this? Thanks!

I think weekly summaries should be sent by the default email notification settings (see preferences).I have them enabled, but do not receive them.

I do receive email notifications, when I didn’t visit the forum before that. “Notify when away” is another default here. And that works for me. Think you only get notifications for replies if you started the topic, unless you change preferences.

Ah ok I assumed replying to a thread defaults to “watching” like other forums I’ve been on. But looks like it defaults to “tracking”, which doesnt email notifications.

I believe you can change this option in the settings. I get email notifications for every post on the forum and they work fine.

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