Are you running your own Discourse community for your software? Let's federate!

@angus recently announced a new feature of the discourse-activitypub plugin that is very, very exciting:

So, concretely, if your Software community is running Discourse, let’s federate a category there with your category here, and enjoy a form of federation that is truly original and collaborative!


Just a note that if you’re setting up this with Discourse to Discourse federation in mind I’d suggest switching the categories to federate Articles instead of Notes (it’s a category setting).


Actually I think we’re already sending articles that do not show up on Mastodon (yet) for, so this might be a good opportunity to switch the announcement categories to note and have articles here so we can get the best of both.

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hey @angus, awesome job! really excited about this development. I made a post about your announcement over on the fediverse that has been doing the rounds, it seems there is a lot of excitement about this! Have you thought about making an official fediverse account (I guess it could even be a federated discourse thread) that folks could follow for updates about the plugin?


Thanks for the support @wakest! Yes, publishing updates about the plugin on the fediverse would be apt. As I’m building this for, I’ll raise it with them and see. The main (non-federated) place to follow along for updates is