Article Support

Right now Pixelfed only accepts Create.Note objects (with or without attachments for posts and comments).

If we support Create.Article with photo/video attachments, we could support WriteFreely.

cc @thebaer

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just because I’m curious, how would you display articles without an attached image in an Instagram-like UI?

They would not be displayed without an attachment!

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Is it possible to enable replies in our category, please?


just saw an DM from @thebaer about this issue, taking a look now

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This would be really great to see! I think so much can be done with the image + long-text format, so this would be awesome.

On our end, we’re going to include attachments in our ActivityStreams data to support this – hopefully by the next major WF release. We’re tracking development here: T709: Include images as attachments in ActivityStreams data.

Are you planning on supporting the display of rich text in Pixelfed? We send out both rich and plain text, so either will work, I’m just curious.

We’re also going to experiment with the text-as-screenshot solution @darius mentioned for Articles without embedded images. But we’ll keep everyone updated on how that goes. (I think it’s the right idea to not display Articles without an image attachment, btw.)

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I was actually asking because I was curious whether Pixelfed was planning / thinking about generating a screenshot-like thing internally, although for branding reasons it might be better for WriteFreely to do it…

I gotcha. Yeah, thinking the writer’s perspective, they’ll probably want to see the font they selected and maybe even the custom CSS they have on their blog. I could also imagine writers wanting to choose what text shows in the screenshot, rather than a default selection.

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We have no plans to support rich text beyond the attributes Mastodon uses.

For articles/notes without an attachment, it would be nice to generate an image with the title so Pixelfed could consume those posts!

We have considered using generic backgrounds with text overlay like Facebook however we still need to discuss it further.