Articles about ActivityPub

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I searched a bit where to post this as everything seemed to be only developers related, so I hope my intervention will not bother to much, I didn’t really find anywhere to post this, so maybe here…
For the purpose of a possible article about decentralised software community organisation, I have been looking for academic writings about activity pub and did not immediately find anything, I thought here could be a good place to ask if anyone knew of recent publications, either technical or not, but specifically about activity pub implementations.

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I refer to “academic writings” first.
I guess most of them are published within the various “Rebooting Web Of Trust” repositories on github.

Also I’d like to point to the recent work of the co-creator of AP :

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thx @Sebastian indeed there is a lot of references in the web of trust repository not really sure how it relates to this community but I’ll feed back on it.

Another recent paper was
I can also very much recommend to listen