Attn: InvestInOpen might fund the FEP Process

Call for Proposals: Open Infrastructure Fund

Capacity building, strengthening community governance, critical shared infrastructure.

:hourglass: Submission Deadline: July 31, 2023
:moneybag: Amount: 5,000-25,000 USD


  1. Capacity building: Improve the technical reliability and security of open infrastructure services.

    • Docs, training, events. Help onboarding, strengthen relationship networks.
  2. Strengthening community governance: Openness, transparency, accountability.

    • Governance workshops, committee’s, working groups. Improve governance processes.
  3. Critical shared infrastructure: Collaborate across and work with existing systems.

    • Shared development, adaptation, customization to enhance interop / community needs.

The Fediverse Enhancement Proposals process has a lot more activity than it used to, but the process is very informal and is in dire need to be improved (esp. with players such as Meta entering the Fediverse). Many improvements are scattered in the Codeberg repo and SocialHub discussions. To do them well a lot of time should be spent. And we are all volunteers that lack time and have ‘chimneys that must smoke’ to attend to.

We might formulate a grant proposal for a range of activities that help formalize and significantly improve the FEP Process. Though submission deadline is very close.

My own time is constrained, and I am distracted by personal matters, but I could help formulate and review proposal texts. I will turn the next post into a wiki to collect notes, and below that we can discuss possibilities.


(This is a wiki that anyone can edit)

Collected notes on the funding opportunity

@by_caballero (Bumblefudge) thoughts off the cuff:

The start date makes me think that submitting an app sunday, we wouldn’t know until late October if we got it. I’d love to have CI testing on the FEPs repo and other nice-to-haves before 1Nov, and already be cranking out the “Change status to final” PRs by then!

In any case, if people are going for this, I can set some time aside Sunday to edit/polish/contribute? I’d recommend asking for 5~10K for the governance docs, meetings, etc, and 5~10K MORE if also doing CI or other tooling on the codeberg.

Also note-- OpenReview can be a little slow and clunky so someone taking lead on this should probably create an account there soon if they want to send this off by the deadline!

What is the status of this proposal?

Deadline passed. No activity other than this thread :person_shrugging:

Sorry, I saw it quite late and couldn’t commit more time. If someone wants to make a similar smallish app for NLNet I’d be glad to help?

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There’s no need to be sorry :hugs:
We’re a DoOcracy… either things are done or they aren’t.