Attn: Spammers have finally discovered SocialHub forum

Sadly is popular enough forum software that the spam gangs have automated tools to crap in any forum. And they found SocialHub. Currently there are only a few cases, spambots that were auto-flagged by the software and blocked by me.

My experience as admin in Humane Tech Community has shown that spamming will steadily increase. I turned that (mostly dormant) community forum invite-only after having to deal with 20-30 spammer a day.

Most spam is SEO spam, i.e. to create links to some website in user profile text or posts, in order for search engines to rank it higher in search results. Most of the spambots are quite dumb and easily found to moderate. But some are much smarter or are manually created accounts.

The smartest spammers create a genuine-looking account, wait for a while, and the post replies to threads that appear totally on-topic (of course they increasingly use LLM/AI). Then some time later, they revisit their posts and edit in the SEO links.

:warning: Please be wary of spam and help us fight it. When suspicious flag the forum post or topic.