Auto-assign FEP first topic post to @system user?

@how is it possible to auto-assign the first post in this #standards:fep subcategory to the @system user?

Right now it is a bit weird that the FEP editors create the first post of a discussion topic under their own name. And also it gives people the impression that we may be the author (I already had the nasty side-effect of that by someone subtooting on the fedi with a screenshot from the forum).

Yes, mods and admins can “Change Ownership…” from the “…” menu of the post.

No, apparently “Change ownership…” is admin-only.

Ack… Which ones do you need changed? All of them?

I don’t think there’s an automated way to do it. We could have a ‘wizard’ to create a new FEP topic, but even there I’m not sure we can autolink to the Codeberg repo, etc. I will have a look…

It doesn’t have have to be an auto-generated msg. But maybe an auto-reassign after submitting a manually crafted first post. But that likely isn’t possible either. Maybe there’s a component or plugin that may help, at Meta.

But yes, any of the #fep labelled discussions could be @system -started. It is a bit of a backlog to go through now, though :sweat_smile:

Update: At least a topic template can be set on the subcategory. But that’s maybe too much too, as some topics aren’t direct FEP docs discussion (though maybe we should restrict the category to that).

I asked on Meta. I would find it valuable to have #standards:fep topics come with a pre-defined template. If the topic is not a FEP, then people can delete the template. But this would kill the associated link to Codeberg repository. I do not think we can add it after the fact without some console intervention, and even that is not really documented. I can still reassign all #standards:fep topics that are also tagged with #fep to have their first post reassigned to @system.

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One drawback of having the system user take over is that the OP won’t be able to update the topic’s first post anymore. Unless it’s a wiki… #final FEPs can then be locked I guess.

I just checked. Moderators can edit the first post. Wasn’t the #standards:fep subcategory restricted for new topic creation originally (or still is)? I mean, it is fine if moderators that are also FEP editors create the discussion topic after they merged a newly created FEP pull request on Codeberg, and then update the tracking issue with discussion topic link.

:thinking: hmm, but should then also not forget to update the summary any time that changes. But the same is true for original authors. Wiki’s too aren’t updated all that much. People find documentation a PITA in general, I guess :sweat_smile:

Only @fep.hosts and @standards.hosts can create new topics in #standards:fep. Everyone else can reply to existing topics. So if someone wants to create a FEP, they have to communicate with one of these two groups if they’re not part of them.

Yes, this part should definitely be automated and take the latest version from Codeberg.

Might ask @Dodecahedron then, as someone without direct mod privilege. Anthony, could you check if you are able to edit the first post in e.g. FEP-a4ed: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process ?

I’m able to edit that post.