Autumn Fediverse Conf Barcelona

2020-09-25T07:00:00Z to 27th
in – Barcelona, Catalunya.

The Fediverse Conf gets an awesome page :

The Fediverse Conf is discussed in feneas forum :


Thanks for posting this here. I really wish there wasn’t this strange divide between forums so its good of you to cross post stuff like this.

Who else (from this forum) is gonna come to FediConf Barcelona 2020?!

I did not make any plans yet but might be attending.

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+1 too, thought actually there was a thread here before.

I don’t think there is a strange divide in this case - FediConf is AFAICT not just about ActivityPub, but also other federation protocols, so it’s natural it’s on a forum which has a broader scope.

Hope to see everyone there, trying to make it too.

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good to hear you are planning on making it! do you think you will try to do a talk or panel or something? trying to get a sense whos gonna present.

we got a very rough website up at

I’m not much of a talker, unfortunately, being in front of people is not comfortable for me :sweat_smile: But defo very likely attending!

Hey! Dunno about the summer one … (?)

For sure, there is a Fediverse gathering on Barcelona this weekend , see agenda / pad / inscription form here :slight_smile:

¿Let’s get together and federate efforts and thoughts ?mycelia-red

I would like to do a talk on redaktor
we are working hard on it and I just hope I can show a prototype then :wink:
It is also unsure if we are 2 or 3 but I’ll keep feneas forum updated asap

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@wakest I’m wondering, so far I’ve only seen announcements about ActivityPub at your conference. How is it related to other protocols?

Are you coming to OFFDEM so we can discuss it?

In this thread various people “suggest”

  • Hubzilla
  • Matrix
  • diaspora
  • XMPP
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I dont live far from Barcelona, so I could definitely come and represent Lemmy. But so far I’m not really sure what the conference will be about exactly, or who will be there.


Exactly about this. Just come.
More infos soon at


(point 2)

We also plan a virtual ActivityPub event before the conf which I will announce in March.
The FediConf is also for other protocols and software makers and users etc. and it is organised by (for now most discussion happens at their forum, see very top)

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