Basecamp to rebrand as Bonfire (false alarm, it was satire)

I could not post to #software:bonfire category (not allowed), but there’s some bad news in that Basecamp will be renamed to Bonfire apparently:

(Note: There’s a lot of trouble at Basecamp, and one third of employees left the company based on proposed reorganization and monetary incentives. See: “About one-third of Basecamp employees accepted buyouts today” | Hacker News)

@mayel We can’t let this happen.
Please see also the NYT piece and the thread

Thanks for the heads up! Looks like it’s a satirical site though :sweat_smile:


Ha ha ha, indeed. That is studid of me, because I hadn’t noticed and forgot to double-check. Sorry to give you a scare. I got sucked in the big HN thread about Basecamp and then thought “Oh, I should not forget to give a heads-up on the rebranding”. But naming is appropriate satire indeed, given all the fuss on what’s happening over there :grin:

I updated the title…

to be clear, the bonfire thing is a joke, from a parody news source.

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yes, I did not post it.
The joke is probably about the time when basecamp retired campfire and put a worse replacement in the core service. I just wanted to say that I am more worried that e.g. basecamp employeers are forbidden to speak about politics than about monetary incentives which is what the NYT thing is about.

I can unlist, as this is not related to AP/fedi as I thought it was. It was my mistake in ‘doing the fedi advocacy rounds’ too quickly this morning.

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to be clear, you posted your sentence to the wrong person.
btw: Exactly in the time where your group has its meeting and after the author made clear it is satire, Chuzpe …

Here I posted a very serious NYT article because I have friends who worked for basecamp.
Now Arnold asks you, if he should delete the satire he posted and you do not answer …
Please do also note not to exchange satire and misinformation.
The first is a very old journalistic ressort. I like the joke and do not think, Arnold should delete it.

and also it raises awareness now that vocabulary like
“bonfire” or “campfire” can either be abused by hypercapitalistic monopolies or be for the benefit of the commons.
And it might be nice if @mayel would demo bonfire at campfire after the pandemics.
Made an indiewebcamp at campfire once … :wink: