Bearer capabilities internet draft

Since everyone else is busy with other tasks, I’ve been working on composing a bearer capabilities internet draft.

You can view that at

I would appreciate feedback on this draft (and patches, if you are interested in sending me patches), as I intend to submit it to the IETF soon.

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Maybe you could copy-paste it here so others can comment on specific portions?

There was a discussion at APConf about it (@Sebastian could you find a trace?). I think the examples were using the bear: scheme – although it saves 3 characters, I’m not sure having the mental image of an ursidae is helpful. :wink:

On the first reading, it seems both simple and complete enough to fly. Surely @cwebber and @emacsen would have specific comments on this I-D.

Thank you for taking this up, @kaniini!

I’m using bearcap: scheme here because at least two different people have noted to me that bear: is used for some Mac application already. I’m open to alternatives, but it does not seem useful to have a scheme that collides with one already in use elsewhere.

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