Broken links in fep

FEPs are documents that contain links to remote resources. Sometimes these break resp. go stale, and the link no longer resolves to anything. It should be a goal to avoid this.

Would someone be willing to work on expanding the scripts to check FEPs to ensure that all links in newly created FEPs resolve? Similarly, there should be some warning if a link goes stale.

I know that the requirement is somewhat vague. I hope it’s enough for people to get an idea what I desire, and decide if that is something they wish to spend energy on.

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The linkcheckmd library seems to work for this purpose. I ran the command line program on the current FEP directory and saw the following:

 ('', '', 404)

 ('', '', ClientConnectorCertificateError(ConnectionKey(host='', port=443, is_ssl=True, ssl=None, proxy=None, proxy_auth=None, proxy_headers_hash=-2405217767656505623), SSLCertVerificationError(5, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:1006)')))

9.75 seconds to check links

It can also be run programatically from an existing script.


An additional good practice might be that important links are accompanied with their capture. This might be part of the procedure for FEP authors to follow.

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