Building a consensus to move on with grassroots outreach

Continuing the discussion from Looking for Volunteers: Organize a Fediverse training for EU representatives:

We have the #EU training and outreach coming up, it would be useful to have some “generic” tools and resources for this and wider use.

To move past/mediate the “herding cats” problem, we likely need some broad consensus to work from/with, without this I can see mess and egos.

This should be easy as we have ongoing wide agreements based on open-source and #openweb norms. If it turns out to be hard, we should give up now and start to focus digging gardens and bunkers for the fast approaching ecological and social claps :wink:

We have the #4opens which covers healthy open-source/FOSS development, then we need to look back and think about the #openweb neticate that our diversity and behaver is based on in the #fediverse and codify this and turn it into stories to entwine with a wide selection of current working practices.

A base for the training outreach and documentation, simple to say but harder to do :slight_smile: