Bulk announce via 1b12

I have a clarification question for @nutomic@lemmy.ml regarding 1b12. There are instances where a group actor may have occasion to announce multiple notes all at once. For example:

  1. New notes discovered while traversing upwards to root — may want to announce all parent notes
  2. An existing topic/thread (containing a variable number of notes) is assumed by this group actor (e.g. it was moved to the category/forum).

What would be the expected behaviour from an implementor in that scenario? A single Announce(Collection)? Multiple Announce(Note) in chronological order?

During our testing, @angus@socialhub.activitypub.rocks
did warn me that a collection was announced, and that caused issues because NodeBB's implementation didn't (and still doesn't) account for that. I believe he changed up the behaviour now.

@trwnh@mastodon.social, Angus did mention offline that you warned him about this in the past!

Ah it looks like this was covered by Angus' post over on SocialHub

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