Campaigning: Using 'Fediverse Rising' banner text elsewhere


Would it be ok to use the banner text above on my blog please

I would like to use this to try and promote the fediverse generally, in which case where is the best place to link the image to, I don’t want it to go to my mastodon profile but perhaps somewhere that has some good information on the fediverse generally. Maybe here, that offers a good explanation.

Thank you for any help with this and it may help others too.


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Hi Paul! I think @aschrijver made this banner, so he should answer your question.

Yes, I made them on a whim on January 1. You can use them freely. Didn’t license them or anything, CC0 then :slight_smile:

Here’s the square version I used in a couple of toots:


Note: We can turn this into a veritable year-long campaign, make it bigger. I recommend the hashtag #YearOfTheFediverse which I am using myself.

PS. I also have Inkscape SVG’s, but they don’t attach to this post.

Edit: @how modified forum settings. Here are the SVG’s:



PS. @zleap you might mention the ActivityPub Watchlist which is the input to Fediverse Party (I co-maintain it). It is more complete than for instance the awesome pages. Nice article!

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Thanks for this, have added banner to my blog, and it links to the website I mentioned, have also downloaded the other versions.

Will make a post on Mastodon and elsewhere.



Thanks I will share that in a post, just


Very nice! I also love the single, solid color. And I’ve always been usually to pink.

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