Canceled: Online Meeting 2019-10-26

Next meeting is set to 2019-10-26 15:10.

We meet on IRC: ircs:// and on Mumble: (default server port).

Mumble password


See SocialCG Wiki:

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Since I cannot edit the wiki, I’ll add it there to the meeting topics:

I missed the meeting again, but I see the IRC log is empty and the minutes are not linked. Did it happen?

No, sorry, neither of the co-chairs were available so we had to cancel the meeting. I think we canceled it on Tuesday, but it looks like nobody updated the Wiki/this post :frowning:

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I wasn’t aware of it being canceled either and couldn’t update the post.

Was in the channel for informal meeting, 3 people attended but one was away quickly and so we cancelled it as well.

what informal meeting? I don’t see any record of it in IRC

Because one certain user said “he is waiting for different people” and left then
we cancelled it as well … Was maybe my fault to suggest and just a bad idea.