Cant find my actor profile on one mastodon instance but can on another

Hi there.
I’m writing my own ActivityPub implementation for my Laravel site, and am testing the webfinger / actor discovery from 2 mastodon instances:

  • From my “phpc [dot] social” account, I cant find my new implentation profile
  • From “activitypub [dot] academy/” I can.

I have tried 2 domains also and same results for both.

My new profile is

I’d appreciate any guidance or advice. Thanks in advance.


This is probably because your server adds Content-Type: application/json header to the response. The correct media type is application/ld+json; profile="" (see ActivityPub spec).

thanks for reply. I’m still seeing the profile show up in the academy instance, however in the phpc instance it says no results.

not sure if it’s just phpc or something else weird.

this does show inbox errors but seems ok other than that.

It is based on an outdated version of Mastodon which doesn’t perform necessary security checks:

Ah ok thanks. good to know.
Perhaps the previous error in finding (last night) when i was first implementing is cached by the server.