Characters allowed in a "user@domain.tld" webfinger handle and Mastodon


to map XMPP JID and Pubsub nodes to ActivityPub handles (the ones used with WebFinger), I need to be able to use percent encoded values, and it should be possible according to RFC7565 (rfc7565).

But when I try to do a search request with my local Mastodon instance, no HTTP request is made when I use a percent in the handle (request works with but not with

Is this a Mastodon limitation/bug? If not, which characters exactly are allowed in the handle? How is it with other implementations?

That’s a problem, especially regarding the fact that Mastodon doesn’t accept Actor ID if there are not WebFinger handles associated.


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For the record, I’ve opened a ticket for Mastodon about that (but I’m afraid that i won’t be the only AP implementation affected): Percent encoding and `~` are not handled for accounts · Issue #17222 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub