Clarify relation of SocialHub versus FEP repository

I find the interplay between SocialHub and fediverse/fep: Fediverse Enhancement Proposals - fep - rather confusing.

This forum seems to be the primary source of FEP discussions, and all tracking-issues on codeberg simply link back to the forum.

Couldn’t the entire FEP process live in this forum, except for perhaps the very last step once it’s gone FINAL?

I once suggested something similar in the Rust community:

Thanks for posting, and nice to have ya in the SocialHub community :wave:

The currrent split is almost similar to the one you prefer, except that the repo is used for revision-tracking of edits to the Draft FEP document.

Though we might use a Wiki Post topic and Discussion topic (must be separate or wiki edits don’t bump the topic) on this forum for the full drafting stage, it has its drawbacks. The revision control, people PR’ing changes is relevant to history, attribution. And experience has shown not everyone is willing to sign up to this Discourse forum. On the repo they can participate in PR’ing and PR reviews.

The tracking issue is mostly for operational purposes. It is not meant to be an alternative discussion thread. But it might record different URL’s where discussions took place and feedback can be collected from, or practical comments related to editing.