"Come Together Right Now"

Sebastian Lasse

redaktor becomes inherently-social website building software capable of serving website-building needs of institutions, journalist organizations, citizen journalism and photo/film documentary.
We are currently building a generic UI supporting the entirety of the client portion of the client to server protocol. In a CMS world no information should be hidden by the UI but it must be well-arranged. Let’s talk and about how we can build conformance, generic servers and patterns for diverse clients together!

This piece will identify repeating problems and misconceptions from socialhub and explore

  • what the concept of a generic ActivityPub conformant server means
  • how the client to server protocol helps us
  • what patterns are involved
  • how we can design, code and work together in federated harmony

Questions & Answers available!

Q&A Session – Come Together Right Now
⬡ Hooray, the live Questions & Answers are available here


Wow, this talk is a piece of art! Unfortunately there’s only one like button… No spoiler for this one: watch it! It’s filled with hard facts, crazy humor, and love for details. Thank you so much @Sebastian for this.