COmmunecter implements Activity Pub for Posts , Events, People and Groups, looking for Projects?

hi all
We’ve been working hard to get things out there
it’s all good now reading posts, connecting , following , joining to external events from CO is possible now.
Next step is federating our Open Badge implementation and federated Projects
is there any platform federating projects out there ?
We’re looking for connectable contexts to prove and experiment the concept of sharing and federated participation and contribution to federated projects ? we’ll be also be trying to get it work with part of the Value Flow ontology
I’d love to exchange with anyone allready on this path ? hello fediworld ?


Wonderful! You might PR to the delightful-fediverse-apps repo I co-maintain, to reflect this in an update (currently it mentions your intent to add AP support).

This is something to add to the newly created fediverse-ideas repository. Also you might wanna contact Doug Belshaw who is an expert in this field.

Hello! Thanks @aschrijver for the heads-up :slightly_smiling_face:

I did some work around the idea of 'Social Verifiable Credentials ’ last year: ***DRAFT*** Proposal: Social verifiable credentials - Google Präsentationen

I didn’t really finish the concept, but a couple of people have been noodling on it, including at


There just was a mail by @Johann150 to the SWICG mailing list thread Updated wish list by @j12t with:

A branding program for products that have passed the test suite

To me “branding” does not really sound like something nice, if I think about the literal sense. And thinking of the metaphorical sense also doesn’t sound much better either, since it evokes images of “corporatism” that I am honestly happy at least the part of the Fediverse I call home has managed to avoid this far.

As an implementor, you get to put the sticker on your product.
In particular, in the places in the product where users “connect” to other servers in the Fediverse, like “Visa” is displayed at the POS terminal
I believe this will become critical if/when larger orgs with potentially different value systems connect to the Fediverse

There already is a logo for ActivityPub and/or the Fediverse which people could use for this purpose and I think projects do use them. But since they are just pixel graphics nothing would stop me from adding them without getting authoritatively certified by someone.

Wrt compliance to an official AP test suite, there’s another use case for federated open badges, maybe.

A fediverse-ideas idea? → Created: #18 Federated open badges.

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