Communecter State of Activity Pub, UPDATE 2023

HI everyone
we are happy to share a bit more positive and productive news about current state of communecter’s implementation of AP.
Last year we pushed to production connectivity Person to Person enabling Reading and Federating news feeds with most of the Fediverse plateforms (Mastodon, PixelFed, Mobilizon, Peertube…etc)
Since then, I read news coming from all over the Fediverse from my Communecter Wall , and every one in the fediverse receives posts I push into communecter

We finished 2022, wanting to receive (follow) and federate Events coming from the fediverse and push into the fediverse any event created from COmmunecter. It’s now done !!! in the process since mobilizon federates group activity , we also now accept and manage Person to Group connections and Group to Group connections
This will be out there for public testing next week if all goes as planned.
we’d be glad to present the works in a call if anyone is interested.
Hope this generates curiosity, interoperability and more and more creativity and sharing across AP software

Our next AP objectives will be federating open badges ( implemented since a year now) and Needs and Wants (classifieds market place) , if any one has such interest , would be a pleasure to inter connect :wink: !!

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