Community notes alternative

First of all, there is this discussion inside the mastodon repo, but I have a few ideas that could help to bring this feature to the fediverse

First, the idea of the proposal:

  1. An instance subscribes to another instance for community notes
  2. Instances send comunity notes to instances that are subscribed to them

This would allow instances to

  • Add notes to posts from other instances when spreading missinformation
  • Allow admins to inform other people of missinformation being spread.
  • Allow instances to inform of an admin/user acting in bad faith to another instances

Same as my proposal of following hashtags, this would be an instance actor to instance actor thing

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This discussion seems to be relevant: #58 - Annotate Document - fediverse/fediverse-ideas -

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@gabboman you might consider writing another #FediverseIdea issue, and cross-link to the one mentioned by @silverpill. Though the fediverse idea repo is just a place to ‘park ideas’ so they can gradually gain more feedback, it is also a place to elaborate stuff as input for turning an idea into a FEP.

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