COVID19 – a map to help

Let us show some #CoronaCrisis solidarity

[Update] please note : The page is now up at

  • fixed bugs
  • 2.366 solidary neighbourhoods so far

redaktor will break any other coding now and write a page.
And a bridge and bot #ushahidi <-> #activitypub

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–> This is usable to inform, seek for help or HELP.

I posted my local help group:

Wondering how to attach a feed to that post now…

We can’t handle so much are overwhelmed, 1st priority is now to reach risk groups and enhance the telephone lines. Our network is but it is in german.
We currently focus on a giant post thing for risk people and flyers etc with the phone numbers and also begin in germany cause with phone you need to begin somewhere
I hope I can continue the AP work tomorrow …

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New page online,
needs french and spanish and ? language

please add translations here

for the amazing map