Create your NodeJS ActivityPub server in a few minutes


I know some people enjoy playing with side projects during the holidays, so maybe here is something you will be interested in :wink:

We’ve just updated (and retested) our guide to create an ActivityPub server with SemApps. In a few steps you should be up and running, and you will be able to exchange messages with Mastodon users.

SemApps is toolbox to build semantic web applications. The backend side is based on a great micro-services NodeJS framework called Moleculer which make it easy to customize the ActivityPub server to your needs.

The full documentation on the ActivityPub service is here:

Enjoy !


Don’t you mean, “Fediverse” users?

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Yes, the server can communicate with any fediverse user, but this guide shows in particular how to exchange posts with Mastodon users.