Culture of Solidarity Fund

I’m not sure if you already know this, but European Project have the chance to get funded up to 40 000 €. Culture of Solidarity Fund – European Cultural Foundation

They seek for project that fits one of the following three descriptions:

  • Cross-border media collaborations that address societal issues across Europe that have become more imminent as a direct or indirect consequence of the pandemic.
  • Development of digital tools that are based on shared public values and that have the potential to contribute to a digital European public infrastructure .
  • Storytelling for increased public attention and policy awareness regarding the needs and opportunities for open and democratic European digital and other media spaces.
    And I think this smells a lot like fediversity!

Deadline of CfP: 31st March 2021

I hope this doesn’t count as spam?


No it does not :slight_smile: We’re quite fond of Grants and Funding for our projects.

But the deadline is really short.

I have added it to the wiki post, just in case they start new rounds (also added to delightful-funding candidate list).

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Yes, I only learned about it on Monday.

I’m quite sure that there will start new rounds. :slight_smile:

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