Decentpatterns: Creating Decentralization pattern libraries


I bumped into this interesting workshop on the Fediverse, to be held by decentpatterns (who plan to release a number pattern libraries about decentralization) in 2 parts, starting Wednesday, Sep 23 at 12pm ET / 6pm CET / 9am PT and taking 2.5 hours:

“Decentralization is full of hard UX problems waiting for talented designers to tackle. This fall, we invite you to collaborate with a community of designers interested in building a library of design patterns for decentralization.”

Check the invitation and detailed (very interesting) agenda at:


This will probably be a really good workshop! I’ve registered to attend.

I’ll note that it’s not specifically covering federated decentralized software, but rather UI patterns for decentralized software more broadly, including stuff like Dat and Secure ScuttleButt. Should still be useful, especially for anyone building UIs.

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I’m in too. Just registered.
Nice warming up for the conf !

I couldn’t join, but interested if it was a valuable workshop @darius, @Sebastian?

Note: There are already a number of patterns in their Github repo:

And more to come if reading their cool Roadmap items.